April 18, 2013

Picture This

Hello, all,

I thought I'd share some things that have been framed lately. This cute painted wooden one has a little elf snoozing on a mushroom surrounded by flowers.
In honor of the current bird decor, a couple of frames were pressed into service:
This is a cute greeting card that coordinates beautifully with the red frame, I think.
This sheet of stamps is perfect for a hot pink bird frame.

This batch of cheery blossoms is really in a silver metal frame, but it doesn't show up that way, huh??
This double matted picture of bowls of olives in a light blue frame works well in the bedroom with the new bedding in the same shades. 

Do you save favorite images in hopes the perfect frame and situation will show up some day? Can finding an old folder be a treasure hunt with new options for decoration? Or do you go both directions, buying frames and holding on to those until the perfect picture appears? 

Until next time,

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Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Your frames and pictures look great! I always have way too many for the wall space in here Love framed pictures and prints. :) Love the bird in the red frame!