May 29, 2013

Cloche Encounters

Hello, friends, how are you this warm, wonderful Wednesday? I'm back into my walking routine; maybe one of these days I'll take my camera along and give you a glimpse at our neighborhood.

Today, though, I'm sharing a project copied from Flea Market Style Magazine, here:
It suggested using vases and other containers to make your own cloches.  With two picked up recently at the Sand Dollar, one seen in the  post called Thursday woes, and some other pieces already here, we now have:
As usual, Flossie had to investigate.
It's hard to think of an easier project, especially one with materials you may have on hand already. A vase or glass container that can be turned upside down and something to use as a knob or handle, clear cement and you're all set. I'm already thinking of how to incorporate shells and other summery themed items to use with this pair. 

Do you get a huge sense of satisfaction out of finding a new use for an old item, like I do?

Have a great afternoon,

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