May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tweak

Hello, all, I hope your Tuesday is going well so far. Today I'm going to share a small adjustment to the recent addition in the kitchen, the cabinet and hutch. First, I added one more item to the display on top. It had two bird cages, backed with a tray. Now the tall tin pitcher seen last week in a table setting has joined them:
It looks better with three things to me. What do you think?
In this picture you can see the other change. Since one shelf is a different color than the rest, until there is inspiration about what color to repaint the piece, there are now doilies covering the edges to make them both prettier and uniform.
I moved things around a bit, too. The silver pieces are in the middle of some glassware, including four mugs I got out and polished. The two smaller ones are family pieces.
This picture is dark, but you can see the doily edging better in it. It has been fun to work with this piece since we got it last month. The extra storage is heaven, and being able to display some things that had been in deep storage for ages is great, too. Small changes aren't very dramatic, but sometimes they can be deeply satisfying, too. 

Do you find minor adjustments, tweaking and rearranging your home profoundly fulfilling at times, even if major renovation or buying furniture or new appliances isn't possible? What would you do with the hutch and cabinet? 

Till next time,

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Dawn@ We Call It said...

Your question about 3 things or 4 on top: a general rule in design or landscaping is odd numbers look better. But since you have 3 in the front and 1 in the back, I think it still "reads" as an odd-number arrangement, so I think it looks good like you have it in the photo. Nicely done :)