May 15, 2013

Hi, Folks,

How's everything going with you today? We had some much welcome rain, whoo hoo!

In a recent post called Thrifty Thursday these fabric covered cork squares showed up:
Today they were introduced to some Command strips and wound up on the side of the fridge:
This is right above the new wine bar location. Actually, today I found another square in a similar, coordinating print, but ran out of fasteners, so it's still waiting to be hung. And here they are in use:

It never hurts to have space to stick things up so they don't get forgotten, does it? I know it's not done by decorators to put things on the refrigerator, but in a house this small with little wall space that's a luxury we can't indulge in. Not to mention the price was definitely right at .60 cents each. Have you found anything while thrifting or at a yard sale lately to use for storage or display? Isn't that a great feeling?

Have a good one,

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