May 9, 2013

Curb Appeal

Last week on the way to run errands I pulled over to wrestle into my car a battered wicker chair someone had put out for heavy trash. With the addition of a cocoa mat lined basket from Big Lots and a few plants from our local nursery it deserves to stay out of a landfill since it's now a thing of beauty.
Shabby doesn't necessarily mean there's no life left in an old chair! Maybe it's a little rickety for sitting, but the plants don't mind.
The plants are portulaca, purslane, gazania, calibrachoa and a small, unidentified fern.
This is a fun way to upcycle something so it doesn't add more to the city trash collection. Now I'd better go water these recent arrivals so they'll stay happy and grow.

Do you like container gardens, or strictly go for beds in the ground?

Till next time,

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Michele...I love your chair planter! There are 3 of these old beautiful wicker chairs at our shop right now ~ one black, one yellow and one a very bright fuschia ~ all chipped to perfection! If the yellow one is there when I work next week it's mine, all mine!
Thanks so much for stopping by!