May 28, 2013

Tuesday, I think

Hello, I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend. One of the highlights of ours was attending a wedding on Sunday. Thanks to  Dawn at We Call it Junkin' for the idea of adding a pretty candle inside the gift cloche. The event was fun and quirky. To give you an idea, one highlight of the reception was a Beer and Bacon Bar on a mezzanine level above the main room; how cool is that?

All good things must come to an end, though, and Mr. B reluctantly went back to work this morning. After cleaning up the results of him being home three days in a row instead of two, I turned my thoughts to the project that didn't get finished last week. It started with this:
Yes, it's ugly. It probably cost less than a dollar but I'm still not sure why it came home with me. 

We've had spring decor out for the past couple of months featuring birds, but when June comes it's going to get beachy  around here and there'll be a whole lot of seashells instead. So, with the aid of some spray paint and an old map, those revolting cherubs hit the road for good. Now it looks like this:
It's a little better than it was before. The center section will surely be the  spot to set a starfish or shell or candle, since that wrinkle obstinately refused to smooth out, despite me rolling over it multiple times. With summer about to arrive, whose thoughts don't turn to a Hawaiian getaway, and this will help the daydream, since we won't get there in reality.

Are you thinking ahead to trips and travel and wonderful adventures, or are you more of an armchair traveler?

Till next time,


Tricia said...

Cute idea! The color of the tray is perfect with the map. I would like to see Hawaii before I die!

Dewena Callis said...

I love the map tray, anything with maps and lots of blue ocean just goes with summer time.

I am very definitely an armchair traveler now. We thought we'd travel when we were older, now the lure of our own bed is nice.