May 13, 2013

Nothing but Cats

Hi, Friends,

I hope you're all enjoying a May day as lovely as the one we have here. 

Today I'm sharing our purry pals with you. 

Trixie mysteriously appeared on the street where we  used to live before Hurricane Ike. Mysteriously because she wasn't one of the feral colony. She was young, but not a tiny kitten and seemed tame from the start. Since the block was a short cul-de-sac we knew she didn't belong to any of the other neighbors, so her origins remain up in the air. She's good natured, and was very motherly to the latest additions to the family.
The next three are litter mates.
They were born of a very wild mother, Sally Calico in 2006. Butterball was the last captured in 2008, along with her own first litter of kittens.
There she is with her brother, Junior. Junior and Tilly were caught at age six weeks, so have lived indoors since they were tiny kittens.
Junior is a big guy. That table is 33 inches wide and he's nearly that big, even with his puffy tail curled under him.
Their sister, Tilly, is small and still totally feral nearly seven years after coming inside to live.
Butterball had five kittens in her litter. The other four found new homes, but Freckles is still with us.
Minnie has beautiful blue eyes. She came to live with us when a terrific rainstorm was causing flooding. Her offspring both found homes too, even though after an escape attempt they were dubbed the Outlaws, Willie and Waylon.It's hard to believe  she first   got her name because she was such a Skinny Minnie then. Now she's more what you'd call matronly, or let's just say she might need to shop in the Stylish Stout Department.

Freddy and Flossie were born around April 4, 2011 and were found about four weeks later, not long after we lost a beloved orange tabby. We certainly didn't need any more cats, but somehow they wormed their way into our hearts.

Still greatly missed are Tiggy, Buzzy, Pharaoh, Crumpet, Teddy, Nosy and Onslow. Even though the kitty hoard make a lot of messes and are responsible for a fair amount of breakage, it's still impossible to imagine life without them. 

Do animal companions loom large in your life? Have you conceded to decorating around their toys and detritus and resigned to the removal tumbleweeds of fur as a constant in your daily routine? Do your dreams of winning the lottery immediately leap to using some of the proceeds to build a  rescue farm in the country so there would be room for more furry friends? Pull up a chair, then. I think we're going to get along fine!

Take it easy!


Donna Wilkes said...

We have managed to keep our fur family at two cats and two dogs - all rescues. I love your story of kitty love. I was a dog person married to a cat person. We have established a limit though there are times when we are tempted to take in more. We are active in contributing to our animal shelter. Since January of this year they have had to euthanize 93% of the cats taken in. I hope the new spay and neuter program will put a dent in this horrific statistic.

Dewena Callis said...

Have you heard of that cat rescue farm in northern FL? I can't remember the name but it is a wonderful place. Your kitties are beautiful and very lucky to have a home with you.

Tricia said...

It was fun to see all your furry friends and remember their back stories!