May 1, 2013

Mini Fix Up

Hello, everyone. We are thoroughly enjoying unusual spring weather here. Normally temps go from all right to blast furnace overnight, sometimes as early as February. 2013 is giving us a little reprieve, which is most appreciated.

Most years lately June and July is all about sea shells and a beachy theme. That's why this little clock leaped out at me on a recent thrift shop trip:
The price  was right, under $2.00, and with the addition of a AA battery it works. That mauve-ish color, though, wasn't doing it for me. So after sticking a piece of paper over the glass and deploying some harbor spray paint, it is now:
a cool, serene way to count those summer hours. Look for it to show up in a vignette or on a shelf somewhere next month.

It's not always possible to do a major transformation, but small ones have their own satisfactions, too! Have you done any five-minute fixes lately?


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Dewena Callis said...

You're right, these little things do perk up the room and our spirits. I like nothing better than puttering and changing a few things around but I have to admit I get most of my inspiration off blogs.