May 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Hi, folks,

We are enjoying very cool weather for May, such a pleasant surprise. Here are a few of my recent buys, some for us and others to resell:
There are some books, Pottery Barn place mats, striped place mats, a new wallet because  my old one came apart, a sunflower tablecloth, Molly Brett matted picture, new pincushion, cat embroidery, Ralph Lauren sheet, toy binoculars, a enameled metal can for sugar, girls pants new with tag, Smith and Hawken metal basket new with tag and a two pack of small notebooks. One is labeled "great ideas" and the other "crazy ideas". Oh, and one of those silver plated casserole holders people in blog land make cool things from.
There is also a ziplock bag full of doll furniture and accessories, like miniature books behind the sugar can, which I'm hoping will be  the inspiration to make something soon.

Flossie wants to know where the cat toys are. Sorry, Floss, no kitty fun from this week's haul.

I thought the  pants with horses on them were cute and should be salable  since they're new. The RL sheet has bears on it. I've sold mugs with the same bears--hockey, cowboy, captain, etc. several times so perhaps this will arouse interest too. I like the black cat embroidery for its whimsicality. The Molly Brett illustration has bunnies, a bird and flowers; I'm sure there is an empty frame  somewhere it will fit into. 

Not shown: a curb picked chair that's still in my car, grabbed en route to get a haircut. 

Have a great weekend, whatever your plans may be!


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