May 22, 2013

Help needed

Hi, friends,

Mr. B and I have a wedding to attend next Sunday and I've got a question related to it.
Remember the cloche in this picture?
I got the couple the same cloche from their gift registry. It occurred to me, fortunately before it was wrapped, that it would be fun to put something inside it, to add some oomph, so to speak. What do you think would be good to use for that? Champagne flutes sprang to mind, but alas, that was the one and only idea. Does anyone else have a suggestion of a cute or thoughtful extra to stick under the glass before wrapping it up?

Coming to you from the corner of Blank and Uninspired, TIA


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Dawn@ We Call It said...

Maybe you could put a scented candle in with it? Candles are always romantic. Thanks for visiting my site, and thanks for the great idea about the standing ashtray as a birdbath. That's awesome! Next time I see one at a thrift or yard sale I'm getting it! Take care - Dawn