May 6, 2013

Monday Mini Effort

Hello, everyone. I hope your weekends were fun and relaxing. It was too cold Saturday morning to find any yard sales--a statement never before heard in the month of May-- so that was disappointing. Still, the longer the intense heat of summer holds off, the better.

Today was occupied with getting birthday wishes off to my younger son (Hi, Theo!) and remedial cleaning after Mr. B was home for 48 hours. When it was time for a break, no ideas at all sprang to mind for a project or anything to make. Until a small pile of ??? who knows, handkerchiefs for children, maybe, turned up. After a quick press and rummage through my stash for the right color of seam binding, voila! A cheerful little banner to show you:
These are all bright, folk-art looking cloths in primary colors.They seem vaguely Hungarian to me, but that may not be right. There is a sixth piece but it was oddly faded compared to the rest, so didn't make the cut. It certainly is an easy way to add some interest to the edge of a shelf or over a mirror and a simple way to display small bits of hankies, scraps or quilt blocks. 

Here is one more shot:
Now, back to real chores. Have a great week.



Dewena Callis said...

The banner is so pretty! When I first saw little banners a couple of years ago in English magazines I fell in love with them. I couldn't find them anywhere in U.S. They are such a cheerful thing. The colors in yours are lovely.

Tricia said...

So cute, Michele! I do wonder what the original purpose of those pieces was. They add a wonderful folk-art look to your bookcase!