May 23, 2013

Thursday Woes

Hey, everyone,

This has been a day of frustration for me. I tried to get on the internet this morning to no avail. Mr. B checked things before leaving the house, assuring me everything was up and running. Except it wasn't. I am trying to use his computer which hasn't been easy. Just to get to the screen to do a new post was an ordeal. Which is a long way of saying since I've been fiddling hopelessly with the computer all day, I've not done a project as planned. All there is time to do is show you my purchases of the week.
These are mostly from Family Thrift. I went crazy with sugar bowls for some reason. One is Homer Laughlin, the pink one is Syracuse and the other is silver. I got a new wallet, , a couple of books,new fancy bar of soap in a box and some books. The Air France toiletries bag is cool. It has two toothbrushes with toothpaste, comb. lotion, ear plugs, shoe horn, covers for headphones and a do not disturb sign.

Today at Sand Dollar (it's right by the church where Bible Study is held on Thursdays, how could I pass it up?) I found a few items too.
They include a few books, a cigar box, big vase, little wooden tree and a Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee mug from 1977. The two pads are from the other day but were hard to see in the other picture. They are new from Punch Studio and have magnetic closures, so pretty cool.

I got a book by Ruth Rendell at the Bering Methodist sale last week. It was the second in her Inspector Wexford series, written nearly 50 years ago now. I read her most recent one last week, and he's still working in 2013. Will that poor man ever get to retire? It looks doubtful!

If things get back to normal tonight (translation: if I convince Mr. B that yes, there is indeed a problem with the laptop and he fixes the issue) I hope to do at least one project tomorrow, inspired by pictures in a magazine.

Now there is laundry to fold and a dishwasher to unload, better get busy.

Have a pleasant evening!


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