May 8, 2013

Mostly a Drive By

Hi, Friends,

I am running way behind today so this is going to be a quickie. Last month in the post Thrift Desert I showed a jar full of letters bought in a bag. They're the same size as Scrabble tiles, but white with  no number for scoring on them. Today in honor of the birds of spring they were used for this:
Then to prevent some of my purry pals from stealing them, I did this:
Now they are safe, at least from those without thumbs. It's fun to use these for short messages, less permanent (and much easier) than big signs. Or maybe it's just me, easily amused.

Hope your Hump Day has gone well and you're heading towards the slide to the weekend.


1 comment:

Art and Sand said...

I have tons of Scrabble letters and some others like yours. I spell out words all over the house. Now you have given me an idea to spell out quotes.

Thanks for the inspiration.