November 19, 2013

A bit of early effort

Hello, friends. I hope wherever you live the weather is as gorgeous as it is here today. That's a statement made all too rarely in Texas.

On October 24 I wrote a piece that included these:

glittery fern fronds in the mug. Then on November 8, at the Bering Methodist sale, I found:

gold poinsettias. Today seemed like a fine time to see how they would look in an old long, narrow basket.

 What do you think? The ribbon was off a gift package saved from who knows now what year in the past. I like the contrast of the gold, glitter and natural material of the basket. Not a bad attempt for the first salvo in the holiday decorations frenzy soon to be upon us once Thanksgiving is out of the way.

Have you started musing upon possibilities yet, or are you so well organized you already know exactly what your look will be this year?

Take it easy,

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Dewena said...

Ha! Well organized? Not me, not as far as knowing what I'll do. I take pictures every year and save them but never use them. I do at least store decorations in the area of the house they'll be used in and that helps.

I have to start early because I'm so slow these days. It just seems right anyway to be starting on it now with Thanksgiving so late this year.

You gold poinsettias in the basket look pretty on the door!