November 6, 2013

Detour today

Hello, Peeps,

My march round our dining room in the war on grime continues with some success, but much still left to do. It has taken every bit of energy in my body to keep up with this project and routine chores, leaving none left for crafts or fun to blog about. Therefore, I asked my friend Tricia if she would mind a recent post of hers to be featured here today. You see, she had a birthday last month. It was great fun planning for it and assembling her present, but then I didn't want to blog about it, because she'd probably read about it before the p.o. delivered.

If you click upon this link you should find yourself at The Dull and the Dutiful, where Tricia blogs and see what she found in the mail one day. While you're there, check out some of the beautiful table settings, too. She has incredible talent in that area.

Meanwhile, back to the consequences of all this unnatural effort, like moving some of the eight cat balls and one artificial bird egg unearthed running the duster under one of the bookcases. One side of the room looks like an obstacle course.

Till next time, 

1 comment:

Dewena said...

I had already read her post on your gift and I thought it was so creative. You did a great surprise for her.

Happy cleaning! I need to do this!