November 12, 2013

A tisket, a tasket,

Some kitties in a basket. This is a kitty update from AIT.

I cleaned out that white round tray and put it on top of the fridge for the time being, only to find Freckles and Freddie sharing it yesterday.

I spread out this pillow sham to measure it before putting it on ebay, but Flossie thought it was there for her to nap on.

Flossie also found this extra small cookie sheet that is just her size and took a snooze in it as well.

Apparently Junior has problems he hasn't shared with us, since he seems to be clutching his aching head this afternoon, while Freckles remains oblivious. That is her usual state, though.

Flossie got crossways with Minnie a while back and has enlisted all the other cats to make her a scapegoat, so she normally hangs out in the seat of this dining room chair most of the time. In the evening she'll sometimes come sit on my lap while I read to get a little petting unmolested. Poor Minnie, she is a very sweet, matronly part Siamese with gorgeous blue eyes.

That's what's going on with some of our crew. We're expecting temperatures down into the 30s tonight, so every one of them may show up on our bed in search of warm covers.

Have a good one!


1 comment:

Donna Wilkes said...

So sweet seeing all the kitties in their natural habitat - whether you want them there or not! Poor Minnie.