November 4, 2013

More Day of the Dead

Hi, friends,

I hope you all had wonderful weekends. Mr. B and I were very busy Saturday, going to a library sale in the morning and to dinner and the reception at Casa Ramirez in the evening. Here are some pictures. When we first walked in we saw this:
I presume it is made of paper mache, otherwise it would be a bear to move!

One of the ones on display.

This one was very appealing with lots of personal touches. 
This is for the parents of the owners, Mercario and Chrissie Dickerson Ramirez. 

Here is a small sample of items they sell for this holiday:

As you see, one common theme with the altars is marigolds, which are still lacking in my display this year, too. This is after we planted some earlier in the year that died. Who kills marigolds? Aren't they nearly indestructible? Apparently not!

I hope you found this brief glimpse at Dia de los Muertos entertaining. 

Later, Michele

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