November 5, 2013

Election Day

Hello, friends, did you go vote today already? I didn't, but that's because at my age there is the option to vote by mail, which was done a couple of weeks ago. 

Today there is very little to blog about, because I'm spending the week c-c-c-cleaning in the dining room. Yesterday i did the main part of the floor, around the table and some other areas. Today I focused on the wall with the antique washstand that belonged to my mother, moved, sorted, shifted, organized, dusted, vacuumed, all of that exhausting business. It does look better now, but not me. I look like a hag, too late for Halloween to get any use out of it. 

Here is the washstand top now:

While over in that section of the room I used screw eyelets and wire to make a hanger for a little corner shelf that's just been propped up for lo these many months before. Here it is actually installed:

It has a little fake fern and a ceramic pear on it for the moment.

I have got to go sit down for a few minutes, so bye for now.

Later, Michele

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