November 11, 2013

Saving versus Hoarding

Hello, friends, and a happy new week to you all.

Sometimes Mr. B accuses me of hoarding, and it's true that I save things. It's also true that very often those items do get used, so he's not often successful at making me feel guilty. Here is an example: every year at Christmas time I make and give away boxes of snack mix made out of oyster crackers, to the workers at the post office, library, mechanic shop and other neighborhood businesses, as well as to friends and relatives. Often, but not always, the containers are returned to me. Each year it's necessary to buy replacements. Here is one from a thrift shop:

It's a nice  size and the price was right--well under a dollar--but the top is hardly festive. However, from my friend Betty in Austin I saved this:

It's a beautiful card with a sliver glitter snowflake on the front. A little modge podge and scissors to round off the corners slightly and my tin is now this:

Ready to line with wax paper and fill with goodies.  So, legitimate to have saved, or not?

Take it easy!



Tricia said...

I have a hard time getting rid of tins. They DO come in handy! I did force myself to cull my collection a year or two ago and never ran short, so I guess I kept a reasonable number.

Dewena said...

The tin is really classy as well as festive! It sounds like you really use what you save and the people who receive your treats at the holidays are glad of it!

My husband saves a lot more than I do, but I'm the one who years later regrets having got rid of something. If only we had big storage closets so we could see everything at a glance!

Leslie said...

That looks great!