November 8, 2013

Friday roundup

Hello, everyone, are you all full of TGIF? I was this morning because of the big semi-annual rummage sale at the Methodist church. Here's what I got:

There are a few books,a box of cards, some old gold glitter Christmas poinsettias, a Marjolein Bastin creamer and sugar bowl, bag of small candles, a holiday tee and bag of hearts. They are hard to see, but my favorite buy is the book ends made of letters BO and OK. They are on either side of the pink box.

The box has assorted cards inside.

Or maybe this is my favorite purchase. I don't know how old it is, but the stopper is a cork and it says made in America on the bottom.

My shirt with candy canes on it. Peppermint, in the form of peppermint bark is a major perk of December imo.

These were in a bag so I thought they were separate hearts, not strung together. Maybe they can be separated for some kind of project.

How cute is Things to Make and Do, from back in 1952?

I'd better get busy and put away my treasures.You all take it easy, now.



Tricia said...

A good haul, I'd say! Love the bookends, and that Christmas tee is perfect for Houston, where Christmas sweaters or sweatshirts are often too hot! A Tallahassee friend even had a cute Christmas-themed shorts set!

Dewena said...

I love the thermos! A church near us is having a Christmas rummage/craft sale next Saturday and I hope to go. They're so much fun.