November 13, 2013

More saved > used

Hi, Folks, and a happy hump day to everyone. You may remember a few months ago we got this:

a cabinet with a hutch on top. None of the hardware was very attractive. In that picture the drawer knobs had been replaced with ceramic checked ones.
Last week in the great war on grime concentrated in the dining room a pair of knobs bought years ago at a yard sale turned up. They were new, never used and similar in color to the paint job on the piece, so:

I switched them out. Although they're solid colored from this angle, in profile you see that the sides are white with blue stripes, like this:

Pretty cute, huh? They didn't cost more than .50 cents, so once again, it worked out well to have bought an appealing item to hang onto till the right place to use it showed up. Now, if my stash would just unearth a set for the lower cabinet doors it would be really sweet!

Have a great afternoon. I'm anxious to say hi to middle daughter, who'll be here shortly after she finishes some work for her job.


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