November 22, 2013

Fast on Friday

Hello, friends,

No more moaning about hot, muggy weather from me. A front blew in with much cooler temps and rain today, a dramatic switch.

Unable to resist, I picked a bag of bottle brush trees at Goodwill today and just had to play with them a bit. This is very unlike me. Normally, no Christmas decor comes out till December 1, but what the heck, it's a self made up rule, so okay for me to break it, right?

Here is my first attempt at a tiny display:

It's in a corner of the dining room. It has gradually dawned on me, being a slow learner, that some of my favorite parts of the month are the foliage: poinsettias, holly, evergreens of all kinds, that and the lights on houses and buildings. In fact, Mr. B and I have made a pact to go out twice a week during the season, driving a different route going and coming back, to miss as few festive displays as possible this year. 

Are you sneaking small starts already, or are you better at self discipline than some of us?

Have a great weekend!



Dewena said...

Michele, I have to start early now. I enjoy December better if the decorating is done and I can focus on the music, books, movies and wrapping presents! I do wait until first weekend in December to put up a fresh tree.

I would jump on any bottlebrush trees at GW. Never been lucky enough to find any there!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Love these bottle brush trees!
Can't wait to begin decorating for Christmas-
Thank you for your sweet visit!
Happy Thanksgiving-