November 14, 2013

Easy Upcycle

Hello, all, I hope your days are going well. Mine was much improved by seeing a dear friend named Gill for lunch.

Once upon a time, a few months ago, I got these at a yard sale:

A pair of fruit earrings. I really love how they look, but sadly, they are glass and too heavy to wear without discomfort, if not outright pain. It's a shame, because look how cute they are. In my effort to make lemonade out of this disappointment, they were dismantled and have a new purpose:

Voila! Why couldn't they be ornaments on a miniature tree? Obviously, it needs some tinsel and a topper to be fully considered fancy enough to display, but it's not a bad re-use, is it? They're too adorable to get rid of entirely, even if the pain from their weight makes wearing them in my ears not an option. So that's the project du jour here at Adventures in Thrifting.

Have a great evening,

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Dewena said...

That's a good use of the pretty things! I put a bunch of old costume sparkly rhinestone earrings on a Dept. 56 Christmas tree last Christmas and loved seeing it at Christmas instead of being hid away in a jewelry box and never worn.