November 20, 2013

A couple of changes

Hello, all, and a happy Wednesday headed your way.

Today I did a couple of minor changes, not sure if they're permanent or not. A year or more ago an old kitchen drawer showed up in a trash heap, begging to be picked. After cleaning and pulling the old contact paper off the bottom, so:

I'm not sure Mr. B will go for this configuration, but if he doesn't there are plenty of other uses for a shallow drawer.

In the same area:

My miniature bench holds oatmeal and brown sugar.

Another  look at the drawer:

And a bonus question. Can anyone name and tell me what this item is for? It came in a box from Freecycle; all the other items were easily identified.


Till next time,

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Cute use of the drawer, and the little bench is darling! That last device is an avocado slicer, I'm pretty sure. That is ONE gadget that Charlie does NOT own, believe it or not!