June 10, 2015

Chugging along

Hey, there, how's Wednesday treating you so far? I'm been working off and on at the War on Grime and gradually working on changing the seasonal decor, a little bit at a time. 
Here's where the silver and succulents wound up, in the little brief case on a bookshelf in the library. There is a partial sand dollar near it, and a couple of white orbs, one studded with tiny seashells.
Here, a couple of things added to the peg rack by the door.
So far my hunt for a vintage child's pail has been in vain, but this new one from a thrift shop can serve as a stand in till my lucky day arrives.

Here's the dining room table now. I got that very tall apothecary jar--see how the lid is sticking out of the top of the cloche?--at a yard sale last weekend. The jar, filled with fake succulents was a dollar. What a deal!
Finally, a big scallop dish on the coffee table, with some ocean-themed votive candles on it. Sorry about the non-coordinating candy nearby. Mr. B likes this brand that are all orange, yellow and brown, totally autumnal. Why he can't switch to salt-water taffy or something more summer appropriate this time of the year I can't understand! A little cooperation in decorating would be most appreciated. 
That's all I've got today. Have a good one.


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