June 16, 2015

That wonderful year - 1956

Hello, all,

We're going on another trip today, courtesy of American Home magazine. This time we're heading back 59 years to June, 1956. The cover features a picture of Ed Sullivan grilling on his patio.
He looks as dynamic in the photo as my memories of him on his show.
Yes, women were expected to wear tight waists, full skirts and petticoats. No, I don't know why.
See how elegant this released victim of the horror of defrosting is dressed?
Up a ladder, yet.
Clearly, this ad was written before people were worried about satanic influences.

Here's the story about the Ed Sullivan family. Lots of Early American going on there.
And there.
You were encouraged to build this wagon thing for teen parties. Right. Sure.
But don't forget to remodel with asbestos!
The food was especially spectacular in this issue--beanburgers, anyone?
With a fancy gelatin mold for dessert, maybe?
No? How about a sub sandwich made with Spam, then? Other menu ideas include Baked Chicken Parisien served with barbecued french bread and canlis salad. No idea what that is. Wait, I hadn't read the small print. Canlis was the name of the man who came up with the recipe. Every one sounds worse than the one before. A tom-elet? Succotash salad, anyone? Tomato sherbet cocktail? Maybe I'd better stop here. 

I need to turn on the oven (not for any of the dishes from American Home!) and get ready for Mr. B's return. It won't be wearing a tiny-waisted dress, full skirt and pearls, though. He's stuck looking at me in shorts, tee shirt and Sketchers. I hope you enjoyed this trip back to the fabulous fifties. 



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Tricia said...

Hilarious post! Ed Sullivan looked old, even in 1956! I am also thankful that tiny waists and huge petticoats are no longer in fashion. I always hated those scratchy petticoats!