June 23, 2015

Out back

Hello, all, this is going to be quick since we have company coming soon. One thing that the constant rain has done is keep me from doing anything with the fairy garden. It seemed like anytime the thought of it came into my mind it was a signal to the heavens to start another deluge. Here is a pic of how it was:
It was an overgrown mess, with the gingerbread house from December still out.

With just a little spiffing up, it's now neater, if not a thing of beauty yet.
I planted some more succulents and cleaned up the furniture.
Redefined the path with pebble borders and put down sand.
But the mystery is, the fairy has flown away, evidently. It looks as if she left the gnome to house sit while she is off traveling, though.
There will definitely be more work done, but at least this is a start. It's a mystery where and why she left without a word. I thought it was gnomes who roam, not fairies!


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Rue said...

That's so cute!