June 5, 2015

Sunshine and Dollar Tree

Hello, all,

I went to Dollar Tree today and they are really ready for summer. If you have kids you can find a boatload of fun.
If you want to have a party, host a graduation or get married, they've got you covered. To keep your kids busy:

bubbles, giant wands and bracelets.

Kites. frisbees and sidewalk chalk.

Flipflops, hats and sunglasses.
Glasses for lemonade and cute dessert dishes:

An insulated bag to take to the pool or the beach, sunscreen, fly swatters, snacks and drinks. Really, it's hard to think of much you'll need in the next three months that isn't available at Dollar Tree, except a car to get to the beach in or furniture for your patio. 

PS I'm not compensated by the store in any way, but was blown away at how much bright, cute stock there was on my trip there this week.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Michele,
Cute post. Our Dollar Tree has a lot of cute summer party stuff too. Why pay more?
Hope you had a good weekend.
Happy Thrifting!