June 11, 2015


I realize this is Thursday, but I'm writing about yesterday. Into the lives of most of us, Rapunzel and those who hunger for a world record being exceptions, we all need haircuts at some point. Yesterday I made my way over to 19th Street to:
 Elvis was already there. 
Customers are unbelievably loyal, and the shop is full of gifts from the past couple of decades. 
 This mannequin has an ongoing battle with a hanging fern.
Sure, this gal is missing the whole upper section of her body, but she does have nice boots!
There are multiple signs with all kinds of messages. My favorite is "I'm a beautician, not a magician".

There's a little bit of everything to look at and all kinds of folks to visit with while you wait or during your cut or color, from old ladies like me to even older ones who cross the street from the assisted living place slowly pushing their walkers, to police officers from the nearby substation, to millennial hipster types and young mothers with small children. They're so busy looking at all there is to see they forget to fuss about getting a haircut. There's always something going on and it's always fun to catch up on what's happening when haircut time rolls around again.

Have a good one,

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