June 29, 2015

Pick the one that doesn't fit.

Hey, Peeps,

I'm really skidding in at the last minute after being gone all day. I thought I'd show you a few small BoHo touches put out recently.
This bright box has a diamond pattern on the lid and is made of rolled pages printed in a tiny font.
The round shape of this flowered porcelain frame is appealing and the price was right, too. It was .25 cents at a yard sale this past Saturday.
A round container that makes me think of a yo yo is a find from Manna for .40 cents.

Last but not least, this pretty plaid orb in yellow and turquoise. If it weren't for the paper box it would be the all round, all the time show today.

Till next time,

1 comment:

Rue said...

Cute finds, Michele! I love all the bright colors :)

Have a great day!