June 22, 2015

Clear as glass

Hello, all,

I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Ours was fine and a good thing, since today I worked at Manna. Before leaving the house this morning, though, I made a start on switching out some of the decor. Here's what I went with in the end:
The terrarium on the buffet had the aquarium switched out for a variety of glass bottles, sand and shells.
A few made their way to one of the large white bookcases in the library.
Others are by the briefcase and on one of the little chairs on the folding shelf on the opposite side of the room. Glass bottles feel light and cool, both elements greatly in demand in a Texas summer, so why not try to trick the eye and mind wherever possible? To continue the beach theme, several have shells as stoppers, while others have more traditional cork. That's what I did on Monday. How about you? 


1 comment:

Rue said...

Hi Michele :)

Your new vignette looks really cute and summery. I love the old suitcases.

As for you puzzle post... I will head your advice! :)

Have a great week!