June 4, 2015

Silver and Succulents - the Sequel

Hey, there, how's life? It's not raining here, so everyone is relieved and happy. 

A while back I tried planting succulents in silver containers, a couple of mugs, a sugar bowl, and a julep cup. That project was fine until someone stole the whole birdcage full of plants off the front porch. Okay, time for Plan B. Live succulents outdoors didn't work. That leaves fake ones in the house. Last week at Goodwill I found this bowl:
It's large, nine inches across not including the handles. For $3.99 less the senior discount, it went in the cart. Today I played around with the fakes and came up with this:
They are stuck in a mass of wadded up brown paper and the surface covered with Spanish moss. The thing about succulents is even the real ones often look fake, the way they grow waxy and perfect. It makes it a little less shaming to use them instead of live plants, at least to me. I like the way it turned out, and expect this bowl may have multiple uses throughout the year.

Take it easy!


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