June 1, 2015

Monday = Hectic

Hi, Friends,

How is your week starting off? Ours began with sunshine, a welcome switch.Too bad  because of circumstances it's such a busy day for me there was hardly any time to enjoy it. There was a lot of paperwork and packages to wrap this morning. Is it even necessary to tell you that's when the printer decided to balk and stop cooperating? After working at Manna till 1:30 sStill left to run were errands to get gas in the car and to the post office. Once home lunch was the most urgent item on the agenda, at least to me. The cats thought they should get first dibs on my energy, but they were overruled. Then it was time to call the city. On Friday our giant, rolling recycle bin was stolen off the curb. The trash container was left, but no bright green container for recyclables. Isn't that odd? It will supposedly be replaced in 7 - 10 days. I'm just glad all that was required was to wait on hold for a few minutes. 

All this boils down to not much time left to do anything around the house, yet doing something not totally mundane was what I wanted most. As is so often the case, the small, simple redo was what worked with the situation, mostly that Mr. B will be home early before teaching his class. Thus, the little shelf revamp:
It's contents got switched to silver, one small candlestick and one double handled sugar bowl. 
That's Spanish moss in it, picked up on a walk around the neighborhood. My kids used to say those came from fur ball trees, and it's not a bad description. That's all for now. See you tomorrow!

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