June 9, 2015

Get Moving

Hey, there,

How's your week so far? Mine was much improved by lunch with an old friend today. Catching up with someone known for decades is always fun and sustaining. She told me that her son's family is leaving for a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea next week. He has been working in the Netherlands, so they are taking advantage of the chance to see as much of Europe as possible before they return to the US. And that's what summer is traditionally about, isn't it? Taking a vacation, whether to exotic ports or close to home. People want to hit the road. In honor of that I did a little travel inspired decorating today; here is the result.
Here is a reproduction 1934 travel poster framed, some little toy suitcases, a pair of binoculars and a compass; what else do you need to hit the road?
Where to go? How about New England? That's where this colorful assortment of antique buoys was photographed for a postcard. It's framed in a Kirkland's frame found at the Sand Dollar. 
Or you could do like Frederick Harrison, who went around Britain with a furry companion named Pugwash. 
What place is calling to your imagination? Are you going to be able to get on the road or take to the skies this summer? Bon voyage!

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Tricia said...

Fun! I love the little toy suitcases! I think Mom still has my original child's suitcase (incredibly battered now) that I used mostly for pretend trips or when planning to run away.