June 24, 2015

Raising the bar

Hello, everyone, and how is Wednesday treating you so far? We had fun with one of the Austin daughters in to visit overnight while working in Houston. She was heading home this afternoon.

Today has been busy, and I'll have to leave again soon, but first want to show you my Manna purchase from Monday. Here it is in use on Mr. B's wine bar:
It is a large, decoupaged tray covered with labels.
It's thick and somewhat bumpy but very authentic. Not that you'd know it by my say so, being one of the wine ignorant unlike my mate.
A little close up.
We break so many glasses in this place with hard tile floors that there is no use aspiring to own fine crystal. The criteria for replacements is:

does it cost less than a dollar
will the stem fit in the dishwasher

If those requirements are met, it will go in my basket, usually at Sand Dollar. It works out well keeping this on the hutch in the dining room, too, for him to pour and splash around rather than underfoot in the kitchen where someone else is often trying to cook a meal. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, the tray was .60 cents with the sale going on Monday in housewares at Manna. Can't beat a price like that! 

I have to get ready to leave in a little while. You all stay out of trouble while I'm off at church for a couple of hours, okay? 


1 comment:

Rue said...

Great tray!

I like to go to thrift stores for wine glasses. I found quite a few the other day for only a dollar and they were vintage :)