June 3, 2015

It's always cool

Now that summer is racing towards us with the speed of a bullet train, escaping the heat is a priority. We can't really have an aquarium in a house full of cats, so I adapt the terrarium this time of year to give an illusion of the cool dimension that is under water. Like this:
 I've picked up these little fish tank pieces over the years at thrift shops.
All the greenery was in a bag at Value Village, so it was a good score. White sand on the bottom is from Dollar Tree.
Here's a close up. The little diver has several buildings to check out and a bridge to cross.Never mind the temperature outdoors, he's cool as can be under the sea!

Have a good one!

1 comment:

Connie said...

What an original and lovely idea.
Thanks for sharing.
Connie :)