June 12, 2015

What does it mean?

Many of us never have occasion to seriously ponder the big unknowns of the world like exactly how the pyramids were built or the true meaning of Stonehenge. Much more common are issues like the one that confronted me upon my return home today after being gone several hours to a library sale. Heading to the sofa, I saw:
The cats had been in the living room during this time, at least some of them. So, what is the significance of this:
Glitter balls are usually Trixie's prey of choice, so she's the obvious suspect,  but why the precise line, nicely color coordinated in the indentation between two seat cushions? If she was making a stash, that's hardly the spot to hoard them from the rest of the furry fiends. Where is Doctor Doolittle, able to talk to the animals when perplexing mysteries like this arise? 
Have a great weekend!


Peace said...

Ooohh, a kitty mystery!! How exciting! :o)

Tricia said...

Trixie has clearly picked up the decorating bug from you!