August 17, 2015

A Summer Switch

Hello, everyone,

I hope you all had good weekends. Ours was nice, if hot. The nice surprise was getting some rain both days which was most welcome.

Most of the time I only switch the bed quilt out twice a year, but this time I got tired of the one put on last spring:
When we moved last year there was a huge plastic tub of forgotten bedding discovered in the attic. One set hadn't been used in a long time, so it seemed like as good a time as any to give it an encore presentation. This was a set of eight pieces of Ralph Lauren linens bought at Value Village many years ago for a total of $18 and change. 
In use now is a reversible duvet cover, sham and dust ruffle. The duvet cover is empty, since it's still so hot here we don't need any extra warmth.
You were dying to see Freddy's tail, right? 
No? Sorry about that.
Here's a close up of the pattern and colors.
The other side is this plaid, which is the same fabric used for the bed skirt.
Another big change is getting rid of the lamps on the mantel top and replacing them with a wall-mounted pair. After looking for two or three months I found these at the MAM store. The  cost was <$25 for both. They aren't beautiful, but they are beautifully practical for two readers with troublesome animals. There's one of the usual suspects in the picture now. Trixie is probably longing for the days she could shove a lamp on someone's head at random moments.
One last look. I don't know if this will carry us through the winter or just until Christmas/the first of the year, but it's a cheerful set and I enjoy the effect of it with the drapes and rug. The blue and green paisley clashed with those curtains, and I never found other light-blocking ones that coordinated at a decent price. 

That's my latest project. Do you leave the same coverlet and pillows on year round or make a switch every few months? 

Have a good one!


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Tricia said...

An August refresh of bedding sounds like a wonderful idea! And that was a nice surprise, to unearth the forgotten set after the move. The new lamps do look like the perfect solution to lamp-shoving cats!