August 28, 2015

Switching it up outside

Good morning, all,

I was overtaken by a truly unnatural burst of energy this morning upon going outdoors to wave goodbye to Mr. B. The urge to mix things up in the front with the pots and other things took over, and here are the results.
Not too much to be seen there, but as we continue around the area:
The long boxes and other plants that were against the wall were moved to create more of a walk/entry way effect. 
Some were left by the other corner too.

Having no front yard at all is more of a challenge than you might think. Let's hope this is at least some distraction from this lack and will be welcoming to anyone who visits. 
That's my effort for Friday. Now, to go clean some indoors, since middle daughter Mary will be here briefly this evening.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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