August 20, 2015

Thursday EEK!

This was no ordinary morning. Around 6:15 while reading e-mail and drinking coffee there was a huge crashing noise. Entering the library I saw all the cats staring at the front wall of the house and nothing amiss in there. Apparently, the usual suspects were off the hook for once. Peering out the blinds I saw:
It is the roof of the covered section leading to the front door.
Mr. B was not happy to be urged up earlier than usual because part of the front of the house fell down, but he did concede there was no exaggeration on my part when he ventured outside.
I have yet to try and rescue the plants hit by the falling board, because it started to rain right after the pictures were taken.
How bizarre is this?
It looks as if it hit one of the plants that was really thriving, despite the heat and until now, lack of rain for the past six weeks.
The dangling board has since lost its grasp and is now on the ground.

It looks as if the question of what to do this weekend has been taken out of our hands and decided for us! Are you tremendously upset when things like this happen, or just chalk it up to "It's always something!" ?

Hope your Friday eve goes well.


1 comment:

Rue said...

Oh my! Well, I'm glad neither one of you were outside when it happened. That's a blessing! I hope it's easily fixed.