August 6, 2015

Last time, I swear

Hey, how's it going with you today? It's hot as blue blazes here. My errands took a couple of hours this morning and it was good to get home by 1:15. The temps by late afternoon are why when a woman at Bible study asked everyone there to come to a Friday night service at 6:30 my mental response was to table the idea until October, or maybe November. Still the weather does make sunflowers a natural decoration this time of the year, so here are the remaining bits set out.
The checked bucket on top of one of the library bookcases.
By the religious pieces.
In a mug next to a lamp in the living room.
Cohabiting with the BoHo stuff.
In a pitcher in the kitchen.

A tiny pitcher on a tiny shelf.

And that's the last effort for summer, 2015.

Have a good one!


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