August 11, 2015

Something for the cook

Hello, all,

How's your Tuesday so far? I have one friend moving today and after checking the weather service, see she's doing it in 102 heat, although the site helpfully adds that it feels like 110. It makes me very thankful that our move is a year in the past and we're through doing that intense labor during the summer.

One thing that was nice at the old house was Mr. B put multiple bird feeders where they could be seen from the kitchen window. He has been very lax about that since we got to this location. He bought a bag of seed recently, but it was still unopened. It seemed like a good idea to at least try to improve upon the situation, so this is what I did a few minutes ago:
This is the only feeder within my reach in the mulberry tree in the back yard, now relocated to a crepe myrtle on the side of the house, which can be seen from the kitchen window. 
They get very thirsty in triple digit weather with no rain, so I also moved the birdbath. It had to be cleaned out first. 
It was a gift for his birthday last year and is heavy ceramic with two little birds on the rim. 
The water from the hose was so hot I finished filling it with a tray of ice cubes. At least it's shaded, which should offer some relief to our feathered friends. There is no doubt in my mind he's going to say it's entirely the wrong location, the birds will hate it and a million other reasons it Won't Work. But why not try? They may discover it and take advantage of the new amenities, and if so, the kitchen will certainly be more entertaining than before.

Take it easy!


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Rue said...

Well, I say it'll work. If birds get hot enough, they'll find the water ;)