August 12, 2015

Mid week

Hi, friends, I hope your week is going well so far. Ours was much improved with the arrival of rain last night. In the intense heat every drop is welcome. Because of the weather my errands started by 9:30 today with a stop at the post office to leave a package, at the neighborhood paper to drop off an announcement for church, then on to Goodwill. There I found a puzzle and a couple of small things but this was my favorite purchase: 
It was $3.99 less the discount. It was finally hung in the library after an intense search for a nail. Although to the best of my knowledge Mr. B has done no jobs or repairs around the house at all (except for one so awful it's too painful to reveal) there are no nails to be found except ones so large they look more likely to be used in the construction of a major public project than an ordinary home. Eventually it seemed easier to throw in the towel and use a screw, but it is hung in the library, to the left of the desk. Here are the efforts towards staging it:
The Mexican tin mirror hung with raffia and a wooden doll on top. I don't know, she's on the small side.
The mirror is covered by the small shutter like panels that open.
There's the mirror visible and the doll replaced by a folk art tumbler filled with fake succulents. That's more like it.
With the raffia shortened a little. That looks even better to me. That's it for now or until inspiration strikes. Now I need to quit playing and go clean something, darn it! 

Have a good rest of the afternoon.


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Rue said...

I need to get off of this thing and clean too! lol

I love it both ways :)