August 26, 2015

Upcycling 101

Or maybe it should be called the equivalent of Pre-K for reusing stuff, since it's pretty rudimentary. When I got a new phone in February it came in this:
It is such a nice box it seemed to be a shame to just pitch it. So today it got a makeover. 
Sand Dollar had a big roll of pretty paper marked .60 cents a while back, so this seemed a good way to use some of it up. FYI, spray adhesive works well. Too bad it sticks to your hands just as much as to paper and cardboard.
The bottom is line with gray felt. It really isn't lumpy and wrinkled. Those are shadows from the light nearby. Sorry.
Now it's a handy box for sewing necessities.
Do you try to creatively re-use packaging or mostly just throw it away? It makes me happy to be able to keep anything out of the landfill. It feels a lot better than mindlessly pitching it out, anyway.

Take it easy!


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