August 19, 2015

Wednesday Wins

Hello, friends,

That title is a little misleading. You're seeing these on Wednesday, but they weren't all bought today. Here are a few recent scores, some for resale and a few for us:
For us, the puzzles, some of the books, two trays and the cat bed. The other things are for resale. Vera Bradley bags are usually popular. The picture of the bird is from Anthropologie and the clock is Eddie Bauer. The Bible Origami kit is new and unopened.
One of my daughters loves Mercury glass and her favorite color is pink. Perfect!
A new when found at Value Village cat bed/cubby. We can always use those.
A blue wooden mantel clock from Eddie Bauer.
These old wooden hangers are from Manna and were free. Someone was going to throw them away so I claimed them.
Puzzles and two square gilt trays from Pottery Barn. They were found today at Goodwill, $7.98 for both less the senior discount. Look for them on the coffee table in December. 
A vintage apron with candy-striped bias tape trim.

It dawned on me when setting this out to photograph how little I've bought for us lately. It's mostly been books, puzzles and summer replacement clothes as existing ones develop holes or spots. Books, puzzles and magazines are donated back to Manna, so it does seem as if the amount of stuff coming in the house at all is slowing down and there is steady headway being made to get rid of things we aren't using or wearing anymore, or things that just no longer appeal. I'm being very selective even about prized collections; unless it's love at first sight, it stays on the shelf. With continued effort I hope to bring more order into our lives and minimize the chaos. This is very much still a work in progress!

Take it easy,

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Tricia said...

I'm most intrigued by Bible origami! Something to pass the time while listening to the sermon each week? A Sunday School project idea book?