August 18, 2015

Time Marches On

Hello, everyone,

As everyone over the age of six or so knows, the wheel of time never stops. No matter how nice it would be to halt things at an especially good age, it doesn't happen. Every August my friend Gill celebrates her birthday, so we're getting together tomorrow in honor of the event. I thought I'd show you the gift she's getting. 

Last year I gave her something similar to this:
It's a pyramid-shaped book rest to take the load off your arms reading in bed. There are some pockets on the side for glasses, but I put a chocolate bar in one instead.

To continue the theme, this is what she's getting on Wednesday:

A book, of course. It's recipes inspired by great works of literature.
A light that clips onto your book and has different degrees of brightness. 

A mug with a related message.
I found this super heavy vinyl bag at Sand Dollar, new. It's sturdy enough to use for a long time. 
Also included are some AAA batteries for the light and a bookmark. This should be a useful head start for the cooler months coming soon (we wish!) and more time  spent inside. 

Gill has been a good friend for more than twenty years. After Hurricane Ike she and her equally wonderful husband, Barry, invited us to stay with them while we looked for somewhere to move. The night we got to their house, when we went to the guest room Mr. B said in awe "You're right. They are the nicest people in the whole world!". It is a privilege to know a person as exceptional as Gill,  which makes planning a gift for her fun from start to finish. I hope she likes it! 

Have a good one!


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