September 1, 2015


Hello, all,

Sunday evening I was mindlessly doing some small chore in the kitchen when from behind me came a truly bizarre noise. No, not a cat, nor any thing else I'd ever heard before. The culprit was revealed seconds later when the microwave quit working abruptly. This wasn't a total surprise, but definitely inconvenient. Mr. B. tasked me with getting a new one immediately when he left for work on Monday. Therefore, directly after finishing my shift at Manna yesterday I went straight to Target. Meanwhile, it felt as if trolls or gremlins had come in to trash the room while I was away from the house. This morning it was obvious cleaning it up had to move to top position on the to do list. 

Not good.
SOMEONE in our house is too lazy to walk the extra two steps to the recycle tub.
Hint: that person's initials are TB.
The king is dead; long live the king!
There's always massive amounts of packaging too.
Okay, we're moving now. The flimsy shelf installed after we moved barely held the old machine. It would never handle one bigger and heavier. 
It's a good thing we have the trusty cart found at Goodwill last year and extra lucky that the new appliance exactly fits on its top surface.
It's adjacent to the coffee pot, so the wicker tray of mugs is convenient set on top.
There are the coffee pot and toaster tucked in the corner.
And that completes our tour. The fridge is still in the same place and not remarkable in any way, so no reason to take a picture of it. The rest of the room has been decluttered, tidied up and sanitized with the dishwasher running now. I hope this new microwave is a better appliance than the last one and justifies all this unscheduled cleaning and rearranging. Getting it installed has seriously eroded anticipated sofa sitting time, so it had better perform!

Oh, and btw, happy September 1.


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Tricia said...

The "After" shots look great! You did well, incorporating the new microwave, despite having to rearrange practically everything else! I especially like the display of tin trays -- very cheerful with the flowers in the pitcher!