September 23, 2015

Summer Cushions - Summer Not

Hello, everyone, and a Happy Hump Day to everyone in the work force looking forward to the weekend. 

My attempts to make a gradual shift for the season continue in the living room. Here's what we had on Tuesday:
Bright flowered cushions, one from Manna and the other a yard sale.
Plus the striped spread as another burst of color. Meanwhile, in the wicker chair:
more light and bright. Those are retired for the season now, so there's:
Slightly darker shades, although the one at the back is a red pattern on cream background. 
Ditto at the opposite end, although the pattern is different on the rear pillow. 
More reds on the wicker seat, plus an addition to the chair with the quilt:
There's my Wednesday movement towards acknowledging Autumn. 

Have a good one!


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