September 16, 2015

This time in 2014. . .

Hello, all,

This post is a resumption of the greatest hits of 2014 by month. I skipped the last two because we were too busy moving to shop in July and August, 2014. However, it was obvious my mojo was back when Sand Dollar produced this beauty:

An ancient folding screen that is just the thing to conceal wires stretching from one wall where the socket is across the corner to the other side where the tv is actually located. It has served that purpose very well indeed, and is also amenable to decoration, like this:
or this:
This was by far my favorite find in September last year. How about you? Are you convinced that eventually the things you most want or need will turn up in a thrift store eventually, if you're patient enough to keep looking? 

Have a good rest of the day.


1 comment:

Rue said...

I certainly believe so! I have gone and bought something immediately and then found exactly what I wanted only a few days later. Lesson learned! I try not to do that anymore ;)