September 15, 2015

Upping the ante

Hello, friends,

How did it get to be the middle of September already? We are zooming towards the holidays like a bullet train. This is often a busy time of year, when summer is over and fall commitments begin again. Children have teams and band and scouts and more going on. Parents are coaching and driving and attending PTO events. It can get hectic and housework get lost in the shuffle. Unless you are a total free spirit and/or extremely wealthy, a lot of times the house can seem to get away from you entirely. Some advice to keep it from imploding completely is:

1. Make a schedule. Maybe you do a load of laundry every day or save it all for Saturday, but figure out some way to provide clean clothes, food and get all the members of your household where they need to be.  If things aren't working well, brainstorm and work out better methods for all concerned.

2. Calendar apps that sync cell phones can be an awesome tool for scheduling.

3. Cook ahead or at least make a simple plan for the coming week by Sunday. It doesn't have to be fancy, as long as it's what your family likes and you have the ingredients on hand. Don't forget the popularity of breakfast for dinner in cases where there is car trouble or some other glitch in your expected evening.

4. If you have small children, put a basket of supplies to deal with head colds or stomach viruses in your pantry so you don't have to run out for fever reducer, noodle soup or Pedialyte when illness strikes suddenly.

5. Doing one extra small task per day piles up big dividends. Use moments waiting for the water to boil or dishwasher to finish and get a little bit more accomplished, like:

6.  Throw all your potholders into the washer with towels and bath mats.

7. Run the burner plates on the stove through the dishwasher.

8. Quickly swipe out the microwave before spatters have time to harden

9. Wipe off your mailbox. Those get caked with dust amazingly fast.

10. Sweep your entry, shake out or wash the mat and knock down cobwebs so visitors to your house have a fresher welcome. 

Many of these type of tasks take less than five minutes to do, but like pennies saved, add up to make your home look nicer in general, which has a cumulative effect. If it looks good, you'll be more motivated to keep it looking good and maybe there will be fewer occasions of panic when company is expected or it's your turn to host a family or work event. 

No pictures or accomplishments today, but check back tomorrow. 

Have a good one!


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